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So you’d like to know a little more about us? After all, who wants a couple of rando’s rocking up to their wedding and pointing cameras at people?? Didn’t think so, so here goes. 

We’re Kevin & Caitlyn and if you had not noticed by now, we’re what you’d call a 

“Husband + Wife” team, minus the fact that we aren’t married… YET. 

Caitlyn’s begging for it though XD

We have pondered many ways to go about this and we’ve decided to write our own versions, because yanno two sides to a story and all, so here goes.

Kevin - We first met in 2020 when I was doing my usual shop at the local Woolies when I got served by this super cute check-out chick. To keep things short’n’sweet, I got home, told my mate all about this wonderful encounter, and proceeded to message her… to which she ghosted me for a good 6 months. After wallowing in my self-pity for a good while, because I’d thought I blew my chances… fate brought us together again when we officially met in Oct 2020 during a booze-driven night out in Cargo (local nightclub). A mutual friend formally introduced me to this stunner of a woman and we hit it off. It’s safe to say I think at that moment we both knew: fkin hell this is the ONE. 

Caitlyn - When I spoke to Kev for the first time at Woolies, I didn’t realise I would be speaking to my future soulmate and best friend. I admit I did ghost him and harbor regrets for doing so. Fast forward to now, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, but let’s be real here, I did (and he will disagree) find him messaging me quite creepy... However, the universe works in wonderful ways, as we did meet again later down the track as fate would have it. As soon as my friend told me she wanted to introduce me to this and I quote: “super nice French guy named Kev” I immediately knew who she was referring to. He came over and politely introduced himself and now I can’t get rid of him!! 


In summary, together we make Love Featured Films. If you’re into weird, fun, and somewhat socially awkward people for company, then we are THE Wedding Videographers of your wet dreams.  

Our vision for Love Featured Films is to provide unparalleled service to all our wonderful couples no matter what gender, race, or religion, we’re strong believers of LOVE is LOVE. 

Every couple has a love story as unique as the next. We strive to capture these stories, no matter the portents or complexity. Communication is absolutely fundamental to cultivating the longevity of ANY relationship, we strongly believe that establishing this connection between us and YOU plays a crucial role in how we approach and create your wedding films featuring YOUR love story. 

Get in touch with us, we don’t bite!

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